This personal search has led to real freedom. This freedom is available for anyone of us. This is a true story about battle and victory.


Mind your business when you jump.

This is a great day to jump!

The same is true about faith in God.

You have to know the truth before you surrender.

In this movie I am going to explain how I found the truth about God.

Car accident

At the age of 18 in June 1989 I got my highschool degree.

A friend of mine invited me for a ride in the Porsche car of his father. And I did.

We were driving far too fast. We got an accident.

We crashed with 80 km per hour and I did not carry a seatbelt.

I had nothing. The ambulance was called.

In the ambulance I prayed:”Thank you God that I have nothing!”

Visit New York

Then a few weeks later I flew to New York city to celebrate my holiday.

There I met my ex-girlfriend from Colombia.

We fell in love and had a wonderful time.

When I came back to the Netherlands I wondered: What is life?

What is love? Why do I live? Does God exist? Who is He?

I prayed: “God, please help me to find the truth about you.

Start of study

In September that year I started to study on a bachelor level in Deventer.

After some time, I stood up and I looked into the mirror and I saw a very wild face.

I was shocked and frightened. I was overwhelmed by power.

I did not recognize myself anymore in the mirror.

I decided to pray: “Please God help me”!

Within seconds I became normal again.

Then I wondered: “Who is this God”?

He protected me in the car accident.

And now, He proves this authority in the unseen world!

I decided to study different religions:

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam

At the same time I prayed: please God, help me to find the truth about You.


After a while, I got a dream during daytime.

I saw myself in a boat upon the waters.

The message of the dream was: “you think you are in control but actually God is.”

After the dream, I became more determined to be open to God, what ever the costs.


On the 29th of March 1990, after I finished my dinner, I experienced the presence of God in my room.

It was so beautiful. Gods love is so pure!

I just understood that God really loves me. I was so excited!

I wanted to give my whole heart to Him.

When I surrendered myself, He took away my burden and gave me deep inner peace with God.

Then I knew that the Bible is the Truth.

Because in the Bible it is written:”God is love and Jesus Christ is the Messiah”.

He died 2000 years ago for your sins, for my sins, for everything that creates an eternal distance between us and God.

When I allowed Jesus Christ in my life, He brought with Him forgiveness of sins and peace with God, the Father!

Jesus has said: “I am the Truth, I am the Way, I am the Life”. No one comes to God the Father than through Me.


I want to encourage you.

Seek truth, seek God and God will reward you.

Thanks for watching part 1. I hope you also watch part 2!

The reason for God (Search For Truth, part 2)

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