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The code of life and religion (Search For Truth, part 3)

Discover how you can assess the reliability of a religion by using 7 criteria. The Christian faith will be put to the test as this method is applied. Will this faith survive? Join me as we explore the code of a true religion and spiritual life.

  • How to live a real spiritual life?
  • What is the value of a religion?
  • How can we find out the truth?
  • Why do people turn to a religion?

It could be to find answers to questions such as:

  • Where do I come from?
  • Why do I live?
  • Where am I going to?

Whatever the reasons. A religion provides direction and aims to discover more about a spiritual life.

Sometimes we can all feel an emptiness deep inside.

That’s because we have lost our close union and harmony with our Creator.

Religious book

Each religious book describes a method to deal with this emptiness and a pathway to reach a ‘so called’ divine destination.

Which method really works and which pathway should we follow?

Which religious book is really inspired by God?

In such a book we have to:

  1. Discover more about God as the Creator. In the movie ‘the reason for God’ I explain why.
  2. Read about ancient stories from the beginning. God is eternal. If a certain faith comes from God than it must have started at the beginning.
  3. Find godly wisdom, cohesion and consistency because these are the fingerprints we can find in our mother nature.
  4. Read about truth and reality. If it is not true than it is meaningless.
  5. We have to discover the godly solution to our emptiness deep inside and our self-centred nature. Because this is what we have to expect from a God of life, love and perfection!
  6. To find a pathway that leads to peace and love in our heart. Love keeps creation together. This must be the aim of our Creator.
  7. We have to hear the voice of God. If this book comes from God than He wants to use it to speak to us.

Is the Bible such a book? Let’s have a closer look at each of these criteria.

1. The Creator

Is God described in the Bible as the Creator of life?

The Bible reveals God to us as the Creator of our universe and life.

We have been created so God could share His life and love with us!

We all have a desire for real love and happiness

We all want to be respected and loved. That’s a God given design!

Only, too often we try to get this love from an inappropriate source.

2. Ancient stories

Do the Biblical stories date from the beginning of mankind?

The early biblical stories are indeed very old.

Around 15.000 tables of clay, written around 2300 BC were found in Syria.

The stories from this source display similarities to the stories found in the first book of the Bible.

Archeologistics have discovered many ancient places

and found evidence that confirms facts as stated in the Bible.

3. Cohesion and consistency

Can we discover divine wisdom, cohesion and consistency in the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of 66 books written in 1500 years by 40 authors.

It consists of two parts: the Old and the New Testament.

There is a remarkable harmony and consistency between all these books.

We can read in the Old Testament how the first people lost their glorious life with God.

And we can find more than 60 prophecies about the Messiah who would come to restore our union with God.

These detailed prophecies describe his whole life from the beginning until the very end.

All of these elements define the Identity Card of the true Jewish Messiah.

Professor Stoner calculated the probability that one man fulfils only 8 important prophecies.

The probability is 1 out of 1017 , that means 1 out of 100.000.000 x

It’s not humanly possible for one man to fulfil all of these prophecies. But Jesus Christ did!

We have to remember that most of the prophecies of the Messiah are dated more than 600 years before Christ Jesus was born.

And the Old Testament was closed and translated in Greek before the 2nd century BC.

Therefore, the New Testament explains why Jesus Christ is the true Jewish Messiah.

He has fulfilled all of the important prophecies of the Old Testament.

He is the only legal Messiah.

4. Truth

Did the events described in the Bible really occur?

This is the end of part 3a.

You may now watch part 3b of the movie “The code of a true religion and spiritual life” to explore the other criteria.

The code of a true religion and spiritual life

The code of life and religion (Search For Truth, part 3b)

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