Do scientific discoveries confirm the existence of God?

It’s like a puzzle. If you bring all the facts together what kind of picture do you get?

I am going to use scientific discoveries as I deal with the question of the existence of God.

Science and God

We use science to describe reality as best we can.

Scientific discoveries are like pieces of a puzzle.

If you bring all the pieces together. What kind of picture of the origin of life do you get?

First of all, there are limitations.

God cannot be studied as if He is part of our experiment.

God lives in another dimension.

But some skeptical people say:”God is the invention of our own imagination”.

So the first question is:”Does God exist?”

Does God exist?

Let’s assume that God does not exist.

Than life itself is just a coincidence and has no meaning whatsoever.

Could this be true?

Let’s observe the facts.

  • Our universe has been created by the Big Bang. Only a greater power could have made the Big Bang possible.
  • Our earth stays in a relatively safe environment in space. Many factors are of importance to define the conditions that make life possible. The position of our earth and natural laws that exist display a well designed, integrated whole.
  • Consider the design of our DNA. This is a complex unique code of information. It defines what kinds of protein molecules must be built. Just one simple cell consists of three to five hundreds protein molecules.
  • Or look at the ‘eye’. This is a perfectly integrated system in which 40 subsystems perfectly work together. Millions of cells are involved. The complexity is amazing!
  • At microscopic level we can observe an enormous complexity of brains human cells, eyes and DNA.

Do you think that perfectly biological systems are the result of processes created by coincidence?

I mean do you believe that nothing produces something?

And coincidence produces huge interrelated complex systems?

Based on what we can observe we know we need intelligence to create complex systems of information.

The second law of thermodynamics states that systems reduce in complexity as time proceeds.

But there is more

But there is even more than only the material part.

Coincidence can not explain all the stars and colors we can see.

Coincidence can not explain the existence of our consciousness, of truth, justice and love.

So, the existence of God is the best explanation to understand the reality we observe.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein once said:

”God reveals Himself in the well designed order with harmony of everything that exists”.

Nowadays, quite a number of scientists believe that a higher intelligence is behind the design of our life on earth.

This higher intelligence belongs to God.

The majority of the world’s population believes a Creator exists.

But there are many different religions based on different stories of people who wrote about God.

I explain in part 3 how you can assess the reliability of a religion.

Especially, I will explore the value of the Christian faith.

Thanks for watching part 2. I hope we meet again in part 1 or 3.

The code of life, faith and religion (Search For Truth, part 3a)

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